Back in 2012 I set up a tweet aggregator for Unity Tips, a couple of years ago to celebrate it running for 5 years I gave a talk with 25 of my favourite tips. On Monday, I gave a follow up talk at Leamington Unity Developers with 25 more of my favourite #UnityTips that have been tweeted since.

Ctrl+Alt+F move to view, Ctrl+Shift Drag to snap

Look at with Ctrl+Shift

Custom C# templates (persists through Unity upgrades and source control)

Reorder arrays easily using custom attributes

Grouping fields using custom attributes

Speed up/slow down sliders in Unity with Shift and Alt

Rename serialised fields safely

Run code on startup without boilerplate components

Call Debug.Break() to programmatically stop editor

C# 7 Language Features

‘using static’ for simpler qualifications

New EditorTools API put to good use

External forces with particles

Use OnValidate to check data entry

Rich text in console

Cool effect to animate using greyscale

Ctrl + Click to show texture

Use Time.captureFramerate for even recording

Quick Search

Spirals to debug rotation

View multiple project folders at once

Override opening assets with OnOpenAttribute

Editor scene loading time breakdown

Save input settings (and most things) to file via presets

Get shared notes on Unity Docs (alright I’m plugging myself on this one)