Free or open source tools I’ve developed either personally or as Director of Sabresaurus

User Contributed Notes for Unity Docs

Chrome extension that adds shared Disqus comments on Unity Docs pages, at the time of writing 600+ users and 120+ notes.


Aggregates tweets made with the #Unity3DTips, #UnityTips, #Unity3DTip and #UnityTip hashtags. Shows both the newest and most popular tips since 2012.

Unity API Versioner

Scans the DLLs that ship with each Unity release since 3.4 and provides an interface to search by API and see when features were introduced, removed and made obsolete


Level design tools for Unity that allow you to use constructive solid geometry brushes to add and subtract primitives together to rapidly create detailed environments. Now open source.


Sidekick is a set of tools that allow you to edit fields, properties and invoke methods in Unity projects. It extends Unity’s philosophy of real-time run-time editing and inspection by allowing you to edit much more than just serialised fields.

PlayerPrefs Editor

Display and edit PlayerPrefs in a table, as well as integrated simple encryption for preventing trivial hacking. Now open source.


Actually part of SabreCSG, but can be used standalone. Pin frequently used objects with drag-drop, also allows you to drag-drop from the Palette into scenes, inspector references and more.

Prefab Explorer

Bypasses the one-deep inspection in the Project window, allowing you to edit the entirety of a prefab’s hierarchy without the complicated workflow of dragging it into a scene, making the changes, applying then deleting. Instead you can edit directly on the prefab.

AutoComponent (Example Usage)

Simple attribute that can be added to fields and allows them to hook up to components, avoiding repetitive writing of boilerplate GetComponent calls.

Console Call Stack Helper

Jump to any file/line in the Unity console window call stack via this helper window